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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Love Christmas Break!

Another fun-filled day on our break! We played in the snow again, painted, spent the afternoon with Auntie Chrissy (my friend from work), and then eventually walked through downtown Elmhurst to look at the decorations (no pictures there, though.)

We built this weak snowman. Kyri was excited about it, though...until Ozzie ate his arms!

Testing out her new shovel from Grandma B. and Grandpa Larry

Such a good helper!

Kyri and Daddy warming up their hands

Kyle made this sledding hill on our back steps.

K.J. LOVED it!

Her phrase for the morning was, "Snow is fun!!"

After we came in and warmed up, Kyri got to use her new paints from Uncle O, Auntie Donna, and Charlie.

Her picture turned out lovely!

After lunch, Auntie Chrissy came over to play. She brought Kyri this adorable shrug. She kept it on all afternoon!

Tea parties are so fun!

Just had to throw this pic in. Riding in style!


  1. Oh my, attending a tea party with a fur shrug and antler is the height of fashion! Too cute!!

  2. That shrug goes great with the tea party pictures. So elegant Kyri!