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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The End of 2013 and the beginning of 2014

My new job has pretty much consumed all of my time, so that's why I haven't posted anything since the summer.  I kept thinking I would go back and catch up, because we did so many fun things as a family these past 6 months, but I don't think I'll ever find the time.  So, I've decided to start fresh with 2014.  Although, I can't resist posting all of the fun we've had these past two weeks of my Christmas break, so here goes...

The first day of break, we started out with a dinosaur birthday party for Kyri and her friends.

Then, on the first Monday of break, we got together with my family to make Christmas cookies.  Surprisingly, Tess was the one who seemed to be the most dedicated to cookie making.  When the big girls got bored with it and went off to play, Tess stuck with it and enjoyed loading the cookies up with sprinkles.

 Morgyn enjoyed sampling her masterpieces.

After all of that hard work, Tess needed a little snuggle time with Josh.

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Morning...

Christmas Day...

The Day After Christmas...

Kyle and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at Cooper's Hawk.  10 years??  That went fast!

Over Christmas break we went with Owen, Donna, and their girls to a hotel in Madison, WI.  The kids loved being able to swim in the winter, and there was also a nice children's museum in Madison that we visited.

On New Year's Day (my dad's bday), we had our annual pajama party at my parents' house to celebrate all of the December birthdays in our family.

We had a verrrrrry cold January with LOTS of snow.  So, we had many days stuck inside trying to find ways to keep busy.  (We even had four "Cold Days" off of school!)  Playing dress-up is a favorite in our house lately.

When the temperatures rose a bit, we loved playing in the snow!

Tessa's turned 3!!!  On her actual bday, we met up with some family members at Red Robin for a birthday dinner.  She LOVED being the center of attention!

Then, a couple weekends later, we had a combined kids' party with the other February girls, Gwyneth and Lillian.  All three of the 3 year-olds had a blast, and so did the rest of the cousins!