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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Pre-trick-or-treating outfits


Cindy and her Daddy

With Grandma Nancy

Aubry the Box of Crayons

So excited!

Her first taste of a sucker...loved it!

Very proud to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters

When the Stasch Twins came to our house, Kyri decided she needed to trick-or-treat from our bucket, too.

Playing in the leaves

One of the only shots we could get of the two of them together!

Off to trick-or-treat

Their first house

Off to get more candy with Auntie Kay

Hitting some more houses with the Grandmas. Now they're getting the hang of it!

Cinderella with Grandma and Grandpa

Hmmm, Cindy doesn't seem too happy about Grandma wearing her crown!

A couple videos of trick-or-treating. The girls wanted to go in all the houses they visited!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny Kyri conversations

Kyri received some Halloween presents in the mail today. She was so excited to open her mail and see her treasures. I grabbed the video camera after we opened them to record her sweet reactions. Thank you Aunt Jan and Tom and Aunt Sandy and Uncle Steve!! Kyri is one lucky girl!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Fall Fun

We decided to chance the weather and head out to Kuiper's Farm today. We drove through some pretty heavy rain, and it was still drizzly when we got there so we started out in the gift shop. By the time we got out, the sun was shining. The day turned out beautiful, and I'm so glad we decided to go!

We told the girls they needed to hold someone's hand in the parking lot. They chose each other.

Cousin Love

Kyri and Kyle posing on the tire mountain

Mia in her adorable lamb hat

So, we weren't sure how the pony ride was going to go this year since last year's ride ended in tears after about 10 seconds. As you can see, Big Girl Kyri LOVED the ride this year!
She patted her pony, yelled yeehaw, and even thanked her horse at the end of the ride. She was still talking about how the horse sneezed while we were eating dinner tonight!

Kyri and Tatum on the cute train

The cousins driving the big tractor

Kay and Aubry on the same horse they posed on last year

Kyri riding with Uncle B

The Little Cowgirl

Family Shot

Feeding the animals. Last year she was scared of them. Today she actually put her hand out and let them eat out of it.

The three big girls

All 5 of the kids together
Aubry, Tatum, Reese, Mia, and Kyri

After the farm, we went over to Jeff and Shannon Doll's house for the Bears game. Kyri came running in wearing Tatum's wings and waving her wand. She was yelling 'princess'. This was totally unprompted and absolutely cracked me up. She is all girl! How did she even know what to do with a wand?

Shortly after Kyri came running in with her wings and wand, Aubs came in with this big ball!
So similar, yet so different!

Adorable Mia looks so grown up in this picture!

Here's what was going on in the playroom while the game was on!

Carving Time

Kyri wasn't quite sure what we were doing at first.

But then she decided to get in on the action

She had to show Bear what was inside, too.

It's gooey!

Designing the face

Proud Kyri with her pumpkins

She lined them all up on the porch and sat down to pose.
(Bear had to be a part of the whole thing.)
I wish I had the camera out sooner, because her reaction when we turned the pumpkin around to show her the face was priceless!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We traveled out to Sugar Grove to meet up with Grandma Nancy, Papa Mike, Uncle B, Auntie Kay, Aubry, and Pop at the pumpkin patch this past weekend. All of my Purdue friends were in to celebrate Erin's birthday, so they decided to join us at the pumpkin patch, too. Martha brought her son Connor and Amy brought her son Rylan along. We had a big crowd there, and the kids provided great entertainment! **Warning there are a TON of pictures... I couldn't help myself.

Papa Mike pulling his girls out to the pumpkins

The princesses smiling at their adoring fans

Both Aubry and Kyri fell in love with this giant pumpkin


Rylan pointing out his favorite pumpkin


Which pumpkin should I choose?
This one looks good
Kyri guarding her perfect pumpkin
The next generation of Purdue students

The cousins

We never did get a shot with both girls smiling at the same time. Kyri was singing to her pumpkin.

Martha and Connor

Amy and Rylan

Kyri leading Erin (the bday girl) through the patch

Proud Kyri with her pumpkins

Playing the drums

All four in one spot!

Bryan, Kay, and Aubry

Amy and Rylan

The Burritts

Family Shot
Pop got in on the action, too
The Purdue Crew
More posing with pumpkins

Papa Mike showing the girls a black and orange caterpillar