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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Review...the Lost Photos

Summer's over....

I have to go back to work this week.  After an amazing, relaxing, unstressed summer with my girls, it's hard to think about getting up at 5:30 again.  Even though my summer was a little shorter this year (we're going back to school earlier than ever!), it didn't feel like it flew by.  Of course, I wish it was longer (I wish summer was forever), but I think we had a good mix of lounging around the house and going on some fun adventures.  Last summer we were on the go every week, but this summer was a little more low key.  It was nice to not have to rush around too much.

As I was looking through the pictures on my phone, I realized there were a ton that I never downloaded  to post.  So, here is a little recap of our summer from my phone.  Sorry the quality is definitely not as good, but the memories are great.  So, I wanted to post them so I wouldn't forget.

The girls played with their splash pad in the backyard quite a bit on the hot days.

Haha!  While I was doing the dishes after lunch one day, I heard screaming.  When I went to check it out, I found Kyri tickle attacking Tess with her "Tickle Monster" gloves.

Another day, while I was folding laundry in my bedroom, I thought it was too quiet in the living room. When I went to check, I found K.J. sound asleep still all dressed up.  
(She was Princess Beautiful Butterfly)

Not even sure what to say about the way this one's sleeping.  How is that comfy?

First time bowling at Ethan and Sophia's birthday


Since it was cosmic bowling, there were also some dance breaks!

These two really started playing "together" this summer.  
I love this picture of the two of them cracking each other up!
If Kyle or I just take one of the girls in the car, they are always concerned about why the other isn't going with.  Tessa calls for "Wyri" the whole time.

Helpers...They grew their own peppers this summer

Finally big enough to drive this on her own!

We made lots of trips to the library.  
Both girls finished their summer reading programs and earned lots of prizes.

This was when Kyri went to a bird class at the library.  
She is wearing "owl eyes" and even has claws on her feet.

I get called Burrito at work, so this shirt is perfect!

Kyri had her first trip to the dentist this summer.  She did so great.  We had a 45 minute wait in the lobby first, so she entertained all of the receptionists and other patients by telling princess stories.  By the time she got into the actual cleaning room, she thought she owned the place.

Usually, during the school year, we're rushing to get baths in after dinner and before bedtime.  So, this summer, the girls loved that they could take long morning baths and play with all their toys.

Here are the girls being creative.

 Tessa's creativity lasted about 30 seconds.

I came downstairs one day to find these two...
He's definitely the dad of girls...

Splash park/picnic day with the Loffredis

Tessa loves sweet corn.  
She finally figured out to hold it side ways instead of eating just the end.

 I woke up one morning to find this giraffe staring at me.  Kyri woke up early and claims she was dancing with it in the living room (???)  Not sure why he ended up outside my room, but it definitely made me jump.  Ozzie also jumped back when she saw it, and when I got Tessa out of her bed, she ran around the corner and practically jumped back into my arms when she saw it.  

 Tess is one of the messiest eaters I've ever seen!!  
I really wish she didn't have to wipe all of her meals in her hair!

We were very into the Olympics this year, and both girls got into the games right along with us!

Kyri got her second haircut.  (Just a trim)

Both girls have good imaginations.  They played together on this box of diapers for a half hour.  Not sure what they were playing, but they kept getting up and then readjusting.  Tessa will do anything Kyri does!

I love looking in my rearview mirror to see these two cuties.

Watching the ducks at the Naperville River Walk

Mmmm...frozen yogurt at the Naperville River Walk

Our little sneak (wearing bird wings) getting into all of Kyri's toys

Haha!  Trying to be like Daddy.

K.J. and I got to go to the Yorkville water park.  We had so much fun in the lazy river.

Picnicking at the Oak Brook Lake View Nature Center


These two always have some sort of "dress up" accessories on!

Tess really got into the park this summer.  She is very adventurous and will climb anything she can.  KJ, on the other hand, has become really afraid of heights and doesn't even like to go on the slides anymore.  : (  Hope she grows out of this fear.

Fairies in our backyard garden

One of Kyri's garden decorations blew away in one of our summer storms.  She was very sad.  I thought these were cute pictures, though.

And today, we decided to check out Santa's Village since it was our last day of summer break.  It's the perfect place for the girls' ages, and they loved all the rides and animals there.

Tess got to go on rides all by herself for the first time!

Haha!  Look at this cowgirl.  She kept saying "hoase" all the way around.

Love these girls!

We also spent a ton of time up at the lake this summer, but I'll have to do a separate "recap" post of those pictures, because I have so many.  Hopefully we'll get to go up there a few more times in August and September!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zoo Trips 2012

Despite the extreme heat we've had this summer, we did manage to sneak in a few trips to the zoo with friends.  The first time we went, Mary, Sofia and Victorio, joined us.

 We attempted to get all four kids on this lion, but when they started to fall off, Mar had to jump in!

Then we attempted a group shot behind the lion, but Tess wasn't into it...

After a pep talk from her sister,

More smiles! 

 Kyri absolutely idolizes Sofia and LOVES playing with her.  
(Check out their height difference!)

A group shot where they were all smiling!!

Wiped out at the end of the day...

The next time we went, my friend Chris came with us.  Kyri calls her Auntie Chrissy, and both girls love her so much.  She is an awesome photographer and took over 100 pictures of us that day.  It was nice to have someone else taking pictures for a change, because that meant I could actually be in some. The bad thing, though, is that we only got one picture with her the whole trip!  : (

A couple of wolves


Tess was fascinated by the animals.

Tessa calls all animals "puppies" and she growls at all of them, too.  For this bear, the growl was appropriate, though!  The animals were out and about this day, so it was fun to watch them play!

Our one and only picture with Auntie Chrissy!!

This last picture was our most recent trip, with another coworker, Kristen.  She has a daughter, Cora, who is Kyri's age, and another, McKenna, who is Tessa's age.  We had our hands full, but it was a fun day!