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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We went to the annual O'Knutson St. Patty's Day party again this year. It's always fun to get the family together, and Kyri and Tessa had a blast playing with all six of their cousins. While we weren't successful in getting a group shot of all the kids, I got a lot of candids throughout the night. (Maybe next year I will actually try to get more of the adults, too. Oops!)

Look at these two, "Queen and King of all the Leprechauns!"
(Kyri kept calling Aubry her husband.) Ha!

Kyri and Lillian comparing their bling.

The three oldest girls: Charlie, Kyri, and Aubry
(not lookin' too impressed with posing for the pic)

Here's Tessa begging the big girls for some food.

And here they are shooing her away...

The two newest leprechauns...
Morgyn and Grady spent most of the night like this.
But they did wake up later in the night!


(smiling in his sleep)

Here are some more pics of the girls on the run...




Tessa was curious about Morgyn.

Although, Kyri met the new twins last week, she seemed much more interested in them this weekend. She was so cute smiling at Morgyn here. She hugged her before we left, too.

I bet Kay didn't expect to get so much help feeding.

The Burritt twins were just as tiny as the Knutson twins just last year at this same party! Can't believe how fast they grow!

Tessa entertained the party with some singing (or squealing!)

Grandma B got a turn with the mic.

The girls partied 'til they dropped!
Gwyneth was one tired little leprechaun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Outside!

It is so nice that it's staying lighter later now. We were actually able to get outside to play for a little while after dinner tonight! The girls loved the fresh air, and I loved being able to have some time with my girls.

These videos crack me up because they show the extreme differences in our girls' personalities. Kyri is in her little pretend world the whole time, while Tessa is all over the place. Kyle is excited that Tess seems to be a little more coordinated and more into sports than Kyri ever has been. He keeps saying that I've already corrupted Kyri and made her into a "frilly" dancer. So, he thinks he has a chance to get a "baller" out of Tessa before I get ahold of her. As of right now, I think he might be right. We'll see....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cousin Resemblance

While I'm looking at all of these pictures of my new niece Morgyn, I can't help but be reminded of little Tessa as a newborn. Morgyn reminds me so much of Baby Tessa. I think they have the same big cheeks!



Friday, March 2, 2012

Thing 1 and Thing 2

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, I'd like to introduce you to Thing 1 and Thing 2...My new niece and nephew! Kay and Bryan's twins were born yesterday, and they are doing great. I got to visit them last night, and I didn't want to put them down!

Thing 1
Morgyn Kay

Thing 2
Grady Bryan

I'm holding Grady (my first nephew!) and
Bryan's holding Morgyn (who some say looks like me!).
Look at that proud Big Sister in the middle!!!

With all of my other nieces, I always had an infant at the same time that I was usually holding. Now that my girls are older, I'm going to be a baby hog with these little cuties!!! You'll have to fight me for a turn! Good thing there are two to go around!