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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Outside!

It is so nice that it's staying lighter later now. We were actually able to get outside to play for a little while after dinner tonight! The girls loved the fresh air, and I loved being able to have some time with my girls.

These videos crack me up because they show the extreme differences in our girls' personalities. Kyri is in her little pretend world the whole time, while Tessa is all over the place. Kyle is excited that Tess seems to be a little more coordinated and more into sports than Kyri ever has been. He keeps saying that I've already corrupted Kyri and made her into a "frilly" dancer. So, he thinks he has a chance to get a "baller" out of Tessa before I get ahold of her. As of right now, I think he might be right. We'll see....

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