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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

We started Mother's Day at my mom's house.  The men (mostly my brother) cooked us some delicious food.  We loved being pampered, as our family the men usually do the cooking.  Maybe we should have given them the Mother's Day cards!  : )  

My camera was not charged, so I had to steal these pictures from Kay's blog.  (Thanks Kay!)

Here I am with sweet Morgyn in her pretty dress.

 The twins are getting so big!

Pop provided entertainment for the girls!

Kay with her three sweeties

Me with my silly girls

When we got home, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and played outside for the rest of the day.  I loved following the girls around and snapping away.

My favorite pic of the day.  I love it when Kyri makes Tessa laugh!

Another shot with my girls.  I have the same pic with just Kyri from Mother's Day 2010.

Grandma Nancy gave Kyri some princess gardening gloves.  Here she is wearing them and helping Kyle plant some Mother's Day flowers.

And she was a big help watering the flowers she picked out for me when she went to the nursery with Grandma Nancy.

Tessa wanted to pick all of the flowers!

Running around the yard

For dinner, Kyle and Kyri made us a delicious meal!

The Burritts came over to enjoy it with us.

Here are all five cousins running around our backyard in all different directions!

Grandma and Grandpa with the five Burritt girls

Tessa kept pointing at Lillian and Gwyneth saying, "Baby!"  Like she's so much older than them.  They were born in the same month!!

Tess was not a fan of walking in the grass until her cousins came over.  Once she saw them all over the place, she took off.  The twins also taught Tessa how to do stairs, too.  Not sure if I'm happy or sad about that...

Tess and Lillian were busy on the patio making food for us for a long time.

I'm lucky to  be the mom and aunt of all of these beautiful kids!  
And it was great to be able to see them all in one day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

15 Months

Time is flying by, and we had Tessa's 15 month check-up last night.  I had to try and keep her entertained for a whole hour because the Dr.'s office was running really behind.  It was her bedtime, so she switched off between happy and melting the whole time.  After we talked with the Dr., we had to wait forever to get her shots.  She was laying on the ground with her eyes closed by the time the nurse came back. (I know, on the floor of the doctor's office...GROSS!  But she kept wiggling out of my arms.)  The shots woke her up for sure!  She only cried for about a minute, though.

Tessa's stats:
weight:  23 lbs, 11 oz.  -  puts her in the 80th percentile
height:  32 in.  -  puts her in the 90th percentile
head circumference:  19  -  puts her in the 90th percentile

Here's what Tessa's up to at 15 months...

  • still sleeping through the night like a champ
  • still usually takes a morning and afternoon nap and is starting to walk to her crib on her own and put her hands up
  • loves attention and will be happy and smiley if someone sits with her or talks to her in a store
  • is starting to throw some mean temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way!  classic cartoon type...throwing herself on the ground, kicking her feet and screaming, making the funniest pouty face where her lips completely turn upside down like a sad clown
  • starting to say some words (finally!) but I'm not sure others would actually be able to understand them....we just know what they sound like 
    • ball, baby, puppy/doggie, beppy (leopard), hi, bye, up, Wyee (Kyri)
  • understanding soooo much of what we say now.  Even though she can't say a whole lot, she is able to follow our commands and communicate what she wants through pointing (and believe me, she knows what she wants!!)
  • running instead of walking
  • dancing by moving her head side to side and puts her hands up in the air when music comes on
  • still screeching and squealing like a seagull all the time!
  • is constantly on the move
  • likes to get her hands on everything and then puts things in small little places...everyday's an Easter egg hunt around here
  • loves to eat!  When we can't get her to stop throwing a fit, a cup of snacks will always work.  
  • wants to do everything her big sister does
  • wearing 18 mos. clothes and size 4 shoes
  • makes us laugh all the time!  One of her favorite activities is hiding behind furniture and then popping out, saying "Peek!"
I took some videos tonight to show you our Tessa B in action...

She loved when I turned the camera on my phone around so she could see herself.  (I don't think she realized it was herself, though!  Haha)

I followed her around for a few minutes to give people an idea of how this girl never sits still.  (And to show the little investigator at work...nothing is safe when TB is around!)

Here is that sad face I was talking about.  Poor Tess was tired and I wouldn't put the video camera down.  So, she had to take me to her crib to show me she was ready for bed.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

1st Dance Performance

Kyri's dance studio performed at the Lilac Art Fair in Lombard this morning.  Mostly, it was for the bigger girls to perform their competition routines.  But the tiny dancers were lucky enough to be a part of the show, too.  So, Kyri got to perform on a stage in front of an audience for a whole 34 seconds today.  : )  They did the Teddy Bear dance.  Kyri had practiced it a couple times this morning and knew all of the words and steps.  When she got up on stage, however, she pretty much just stared at the audience until the last few seconds of the dance.  Haha!  So cute.

While we were waiting for Kyri's dance, some huge, dark clouds rolled in and thunder started coming pretty frequently.  I was so worried that Kyri wouldn't get to perform, but the rain held off until her group was coming off the stage.  Then the downpour started.  Larry, Laurel, Owen, and Charlie had come along to see Kyri dance, and we had planned to go to lunch afterwards.  We got stuck under an awning for about 10 minutes but then finally braved the rain and made it to the restaurant.  The rain finally let up during lunch, and we were able to walk around the art fair afterwards for awhile.  Charlie and Kyri had fun running and jumping in all of the puddles.  : )

K.J. and Charlie before the show

Here's our little dancer...finally remembering to actually do the moves!  : )

She blew a big kiss to the audience at the end!

And we can't forget our Tessa B.  She wasn't the most cooperative today, but she looks sooo cute and innocent on the steps of the coffee shop that we stopped at before we headed home.  What an angel. : )

Here is Kyri's dancing debut.  It's not the best camera job, though.  At some points Kyri's head is cut off because while Kyle was filming, he was also trying to keep Tessa from running away!