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Monday, July 25, 2011

Purdue Roomies Weekend

This past weekend, Divya flew in to visit one more time before her baby girl is born. Since Div was in, all of my college roomies came over to spend the weekend with her. It was great to get everyone together. We have three pregos in the mix right now and four future Boilermakers already in the group, so our get-togethers look a little different than they used to!

BFFs being silly

We did a lot of relaxing...

Since Kyri's potty training is in full force, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom with her this weekend.
Therefore, Tessa spent a lot of time with her "nannies". She loved them all and kept everyone laughing!

With Auntie Erin

With Auntie Kel

With Div Auntie (aka Divundy)

It takes two to feed Tessa B because she is such an animal when food comes around! : )

The rain finally cleared Friday afternoon, so we took a dip in the Burritt pool.

Amy and Rylan

Kel teaching my kid how to use a gun.
(Great influence!)

Erin and Kyri doing "The Lift"

Martha's son, Connor, LOVED to give Baby Tessa kisses.

Holding her bottle for her...he's going to be such a good big brother!

Tea Party!
(Connor's Daddy will love this!)

Tess is a pro at sitting on her own now!

Rylan was on a mission to get every ball up on the pool table! : )

Connor, Martha, and Divya
(Two of the three pregos)


Sharing some of Amy's yummy taco dip!

And a pic of all three Mommas-to-Be!

With three new baby girls adding to our group before the end of the year, we know it is going to get harder and harder to get together like this. So, we're so grateful that everyone was able to make it this weekend for a little while anyway. Love these girls very much!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Accident Free!

Kyri made it through the whole day without having any accidents. First time to stay totally dry all day! And we even went out to dinner! We're getting there!

Just had to document this important day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Babies are Growing Up...

Unlike most of my summer, this week has been very low-key. It's been really nice to be home and just hang out and play together... While I LOVE taking the girls on adventures, it's also fun to have no where to rush off to and no packing of a giant diaper bag!

I am so happy I was able to catch this special moment below on camera, because anyone who knows Kyri knows that she has a terrible gag reflex. While she loves her sister, she isn't always able to show it because the smell of spit-up makes her physically gag. Since Tessa is covered in spit-up 24/7, Kyri pretty much steers clear of her. This particular time, however, Kyri was actually letting Tessa TOUCH her! Tessa completely cracks up whenever Kyri looks at her. Hopefully, they will continue to bond as Tessa grows out of the slobbery stage!

Notice what Kyri's wearing in this next picture...
That's right, "big girl undies"!!! She decided that this was the week to start training. Not sure why. She had been very against it for the longest time, but suddenly decided that she was ready Sunday evening. We humored her for that night, but she woke up asking to wear her "underwears" again the next day. Monday morning was rough. We must have gone through 5 pair in 2 hours. But from lunch on, she was dry! Tuesday and Wednesday she had one accident each day, but other than that she is really doing well. I had so much anxiety about this, but she really took control of it herself. (And that's what everyone kept telling'll happen when they're ready.) I'm still unsure of what to do at nap and bedtime, but for now we're still diapering during those times. We haven't ventured out yet at all this week, except to Grandma and Grandpa's. So, tomorrow's ballet class could be interesting... Wish us luck!
**** UPDATE...We made it through class with no accidents! Relief!!****

This was her first time! Had to get it on film!
Look at that face..."Really mom? The camera in the bathroom?"

And on to my sweet baby Tessa. She is growing like a weed. We're into 6 mos. clothes now and she has been eating 8 oz bottles this week. (This is insane to me because we were lucky to get Kyri to eat 4 oz bottles!) We also tried green beans for the first time today! She ate almost the entire container, but we're going to need a little more practice with the spoon. She wasn't quite sure what to do and kept pushing the food back out with her tongue as you can see in this delicious pic. (By the way, Kyri was gagging the whole time, and I had to keep telling her to stop watching me feed her! I'm pretty sure Kyri takes after her Uncle B with that!)

My baby is sitting now, too! She is getting really good at doing it all by herself. I still make sure to put a pillow around her whenever I need to walk away, because as soon as she looks up from her toys she usually topples over.

And these next pics were just silly pool shots from tonight. With the crazy heat we're having, we decided to take a trip over to Grandma B and Grandpa Larry's house after dinner for a night swim.

My big girl loving her independence in the water.

Tessa B talking to her turtle friend

Kyri and Grandma B


My girls

And a quick family shot for the album!

Why not do a night swim...I have no papers to grade and nothing to plan for tomorrow.
I love summer!!!

(Hopefully those who read my blog know me well enough to know that I'm not trying to rub it in when I write things like that. I just am really enjoying having this time to totally devote to my family. Those who know me also know that I don't deal with stress very well, and during the school year I can be kind of obnoxious. So, I'm loving the stress free days and nights!)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Butterflies and Beaches

Last week we visited a butterfly garden at Peck Farm in Geneva. My Aunt Sue had found this place and invited us to go, knowing that Kyri loved the one at the zoo so much. My mom, Kay, Aubry, and my cousin Kailey also joined us.

It was peaceful to just sit and watch the girls run around and find butterflies.

Sitting really still, hoping that one might land on them!

Both girls wore their butterfly dresses

They were instructed NOT to touch them.
She was just pointing it out. : )

They were so excited to show each other when they found a pretty one.

Aubs tried so hard to get one to land on her flower!

Tessa was decked out in butterflies, too!
(I'm starting to feel like all the pictures I take of Tessa look the same just with a different outfit on. She always has that same silly, open-mouthed smile!!)

This butterfly actually landed on Kay's toe, but I snapped the pic too late.

Weekend at the Lake House
We left for the Lake Thursday evening and came home Sunday. The girls had a lot of "firsts" up there this time. We're so happy the weather cooperated!

Tessa's first swing ride!

Charlie joined us Friday night

Checking out a boo boo

First time to roast marshmallows!

Sharing S'mores with Daddy

Kyri's chocolate face shows how much she loved them!

Campfire stories...

The next night, Uncle O and Grandma introduced the girls to sparklers!
Kyri's face cracks me up!

Lake Summerset had their summer fest this past weekend, so they also did a fireworks show.

This is the first time Kyri has seen fireworks, and she was so amazed by them. I wish I had the video camera going to record all of the cute things she was saying.

Sunday was steamy and the perfect day at the beach! My friend Mary also has a house up there, so she invited some friends and they all came to the beach with us. It was fun to have so many people all hanging out together. The kids had a blast!

Our huge crew...and that wasn't even everyone.

My sweet Tessa B. and me
Kyri with Mary's daughter, Sofia

Mary's other cutie pie, Victorio

Kyri's cheese face

This was Tessa's first time in the lake!

Sofia did a great job entertaining Tessa

The kids all worked together to create something in the sand.

Good Teamwork!

Lunch on the beach

A family shot.
Look at Kyri's cheeks! Ha!
Donna came up with the twins on Sunday.
Here is Owen with my nieces.


Both were worn out from playing in the hot sun!