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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All of our Christmas Happenings

Christmas Cookies at Pop's

My first day off of work was Thursday, and we spent the day at Pop's. Sue and Steve baked while the rest of us decorated. Tessa really wanted to help, too!

Exchanging Presents at Grandpa and Grandma B's House

Thursday evening we went over to Kyle's parents' house for dinner. The girls got to open their stockings from Grandma and Grandpa and we exchanged with Charlie, Gwyneth, and Lillian, too.

Auntie Teri and Gwyneth
Lillian went to sleep before I could get any pictures of her. : (

Tess loved this car.

And Kyri thought she was so cool with this purse.

The big presents of the night...tricycles!

Christmas Eve at our House

All of the Mickows (Kyle's mom's side) came over to our house for some great food and fun times.
A picture with all five cousins looking forward!!


Group shot

Great-Grandma and Kyri

Charlie and Kyri with their new princess dolls

Our party got a little wild, and this is how my classy daughter ended the night! (She was really sweaty, so we cooled her off. Look at those cheeks!)

Laurel played the piano while we sang Christmas carols, but then Kyri wanted in on the action after we were done.

Then K.J. decided it was time for bed, and Charlie crawled in there with her.

All snuggled up, ready for Santa to come.

Christmas Morning

My present from Kyle : )

Santa brought her the ice skates she asked for!

My gift to Kyle, Kyri, and Tessa

Playing with their new toys

Christmas Day at Grandpa Mike and Grandma Nancy's House

Her very own dollhouse!

Tessa got her own chair like the big girls!

And a bulldozer...for the bulldozer!

Queen Kyri

She looked so pretty in her dress, but it was hard for her to crawl in it.

So, she did a lot of walking instead!!

Another pretty girl

"Santa" brought this bouncer to Grandma and Grandpa's house,
so Kyri and Aubry helped set it up.

They LOVED it!

Even Tess got to try it out.

Ha! Check out that hair!

Pop wanted to get in, too.

Tessa transferred to her jammies quickly since her dress was so inconvenient.
She loves this popper.

Kyri and Sandy having a dinosaur battle.

The new Thomas the Train track!

A big girl puzzle

Then the adults got to join in the fun with our white elephants...

Pop got my old Debbie Gibson video!
It was sad to let it go, but I don't have a VHS player anymore. : )

Sandy and her creepy bunny

Sherry found a good use for these!

Even Tess got crazy!

I had to put this pic in because if you look closely,
you can see that her jammies say, "My first Christmas!"

And here is the day after Christmas. We all stayed in our jammies all day and played. Kyri ran around with her magic wand, tutu, and feather in her hair the entire day! And I think we actually played with every new toy they got. It was so much fun!

We are so blessed to have such great families. Thank you for loving our girls so much!
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Photo Shoot and 3 years old!!

We added Tessa to the annual Christmas photo shoot at my parents' house this year. The girls looked so cute in their outfits. It was a challenge to get all three to look at the camera, but we managed to get some cute shots!

We gave Kyri a kids' party for her third birthday at a place called Kiddie Klub Lane. This place has a bunch of little wooden play houses, and the kids had a lot of fun pretending with each other.

Pizza Time
Look at Ethan's face with all of these girls!

The littlest ones even got to play at the party!

Making a deal?

Emily, Aubry, and Kyri
(She wore that fire uniform for about a half hour when we first got there!)

Mia and Sophia enjoying some pretend ice cream

Double Trouble on a mission

The Birthday Princess

So serious about blowing out her candles this year


Kyri had a lot of help opening her gifts!

She loves her new boots and wears them with everything...even when they don't match!

Back at home playing with all of her new presents

On the night of Kyri's birthday, my mom and dad hosted their annual holiday open house. There were about 90 guests there, and I'm pretty sure Kyri thought they were all there for her.
Grandma Nancy was very thoughtful to have a cake ready for the birthday girl, and the whole party sang to her.

Not many people were interested in the cake after these two got ahold of it! : )