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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Goddaughter and Our Favorite Nephew

Here's our beautiful Goddaughter, Morgyn.

And here is cutie-pie Grady with Grandma Karen.

A quick pic before the Baptism

Getting Ready 

The Baptisms:  Grady was not happy that this took place during lunchtime, so he demanded to eat while he was being Baptized!

Morgyn looked at me like I betrayed her, but didn't cry!  The Deacon told her to talk to her brother about her good behavior.

Picture Time!

The twins with their Godparents

The Knutson Crew

And we attempted to get a shot of my mom and dad with all their grandkids, but Tessa didn't want to be cooperative...(seems to be her style these days!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tessa's 2nd Birthday

For Tessa's 2nd birthday, we had a small gathering with just family.  She enjoyed being the center of attention!

Our birthday princess

The basement and upstairs were packed.  Tess is lucky to have such a large family who loves her so much!

Look at this little stud walking around.  Grady looks too small to be able to walk already!!

When everyone sang to Tessa, she felt so cool!

She demolished her whole piece!

Here she is playing with the Schumanns

 At the end of the night, the remaining partiers ended up around this table while Tessa entertained.  I love this picture, because if you look closely, you can see that Morgyn is asleep with her hands over her ears.  We must have been too loud for her!

Tessa's actual birthday was on a Monday.  She had fun at Grandma Nancy's, where they sang to her and ate cupcakes.  Then at home, we sang to her again and had some of the left over cake from her party.  She was so excited to be sung to, even though it was the third time.  I guess it never gets old!

2 year stats:  28 lbs (65th %ile) and 34 in. (65th %ile)
Tessa is definitely acting her age these days.  It seems she spends most of her days in timeout.  I know it's typical for her age, but it's so challenging!  Apparently, she gets her hard-headedness and defiant ways from her father!  Larry and Laurel claim she reminds them so much of Kyle at that age.  I hope this phase ends soon, because my face turns really red when she has her crazy temper tantrums in public!

Of course, she still has her very sweet moments, too.  She is learning so much and saying new words everyday.  I love watching her figure out the world around her, and she seems so proud when she grasps something new.  Tessa loves to sing all day long.  Here is a video of her singing a combination of Twinkle Little Star and the ABCs.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Happenings

Aubry's first skating adventure.  She did great! 

 The only smile we got out of Kyri the whole time.

For some reason, K.J. was in a crabby mood.  Usually she loves going skating, but during this outing, she looked like she was in need of a nap.  It was her first exercise after being couch ridden for about 3 weeks after her tonsillectomy.  So, maybe it was too much.  Either way, she was able to skate without holding on, so I was really proud of her progress!  (Even if she was a crab!)  : )

And we FINALLY got some snow!  We had to wait until February, but there was finally enough to go outside and play in!  You can hear on this video that Tessa was not a big fan.  For about the first half hour that we were out there, she clung to me.  I couldn't put her down without her screaming.  Kyri, on the other hand, LOVED it as always!

Haha!  My big, tough bruiser...afraid of the snow!

I finally got her to sit on the steps, but she would not move from there.  Kyri brought her a snowball, and that seemed to interest her.  

Hmmm, this stuff is kind of fun!

We didn't get a ton of snow, but Kyle was still able to build our annual ramp to sled down.

Traditional Snow Angel Picture

Group Shots

Kyri spent most of her time eating the snow...

Woahhhhh... Tess stood up!  For the last ten minutes of our outdoor fun, Tessa B finally was brave enough to walk in the snow!

She even did a little shoveling!

These are just some pictures of our really exciting Super Bowl party...with just the four of us.  The girls watched the commercials and then got up and played when the game came back on.  Ha! 

Ozzie just watched the food and hoped something would drop!

And here is how these two have looked most of this winter.  We've been stuck inside, playing in the basement for the past few months.  They're lucky to have so many fun things to keep them occupied!

I also had to post this painting picture to remember this conversation...

Me:  Oh, Kyri, are you painting a flower?
K.J.: No, it's Jupiter in the night sky, of course.
Me:  And what are you making, Tess?
T.B.:  Mess