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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two More Burritt Girls!!

Yesterday, Owen and Donna added two more girls to the family! Can you even believe that there are now 5 girl cousins on the Burritt side? The funny thing is that before we started having kids we were told that Burritts only have boys! Ha! Between us and Owen and Donna, we proved that wrong...5 times! These cousins will have so much fun growing up together. I see lots of tea parties and sleepovers in the future!

Donna and the newest additions are doing great, and Owen and Charlie are very proud! We are so excited to have these two beautiful girls in our family!

Gwyneth Austin
(My personal opinion is that she has Owen's head shape and lips!)

Lillian Janice
(I think her round face and tiny lips look more like Donna's!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Out of the House!

After being trapped in the house for almost two weeks, the weather finally allowed us to get out a little bit. My pain from the surgery is pretty much gone now, and it felt so nice to leave the bedroom and venture out into the world. I felt human again!

Tessa getting to know her friends in the swing (with her "Cutest Baby Sister" shirt on)

All bundled up to go on a family walk in the new double stroller (It worked great!)

Getting ready to go to the mall for the first time. Check out her cute shoes!

Kiddie Klub Lane
Since Kyle and Auntie Kay had off school, we decided to take the girls to this cute little play land for toddlers/preschoolers. Grandma Karen met up with us, too, to join in the fun. The cousins loved playing together, and I think we'll be visiting here again while I'm home on maternity leave. The place has a bunch of cute little play houses where the kids can play pretend and use their imaginations.

Kyri the Firewoman

Aubry the Cashier

Kyri the Bear

Cousins Busy at Work

These two loved this Alligator

They played on him for a really long time!

Tessa was wide awake and really wanted in on the action. She can't wait until she gets a little bigger so she can play, too!

Coloring is always a big hit.

The tower that Grandma Karen helped Kyri make.

Aubry served us lunch.

The girls loved hanging out at the Bait and Tackle Shop.

Look Uncle B and Grandpa Mike, we have our life jackets on and are ready to fish!

Aubs is a serious Fisherwoman

Oooooh, she's got a big one!

Kyri the Walrus

Tessa has been awake and alert much more often these days. Here is a video of her making lots of funny faces.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Last Week and a Half

Well, we've settled in pretty well with our little Tessa home with us now. The first couple of days were a little tough because I was still in a lot of pain from my surgery. I'm feeling much better, now, though, and am loving being home with my two girls. Kyri seems to be reacting well to her new sister. Right now Tessa sleeps most of the day, so Kyri and I still get to spend a lot of time together. We'll see if that's still the case in a month or two when Tessa is awake and demanding more attention!

Tessa has been a good girl at night, too. We've only had one really fussy night. Otherwise, she tends to sleep for 3-4 hour stretches at a time. Then she gets up to eat and then goes right back to sleep. Sometimes I have to wake her to eat because she wants to just keep on sleeping through! Hope she continues to love her sleep in the future!

I've taken thousands of pictures over the past week, and I feel like Tessa looks different in all of them! We still cannot figure out who she looks like. I see a resemblance to Kyri in pictures, but in person, I don't think she looks like her at all. Who do you guys think she looks like?

Coming home from the hospital

Trying out her new crib

She sleeps best in her boppy pillow

Cousin Holly came for a visit! (Our first at-home visitor!)

First Bath (Big Sister helping)

Snuggled up

Grandma Nancy came to spend the day with us on Wednesday. Here she is reading to both girls.

Of course we had to try out some of her new bows.

She didn't seem to mind them too much. Hopefully she'll enjoy playing dress up as much as we do! : )

Watching some T.V.

Hanging out with Grandpa Larry (Looks like we're going to have another thumb sucker!)

Grabbing some attention from Grandma B.

Since we've been stuck inside, we've had to be creative with our time! : )

Tessa got a phone call

Bath Time at the Burritts'

Mary came for a visit

Had to get a pic of these cute ruffle pants

She looks so tiny in her swing!

Kyri got an early Valentine's present from Grandpa and Grandma B.

Matching Jammies (Tessa wasn't too into the photo shoot, but she kind of looks like she's laughing. I think she might have a dimple on her right cheek!)

Cousin Aubry's first time meeting Tessa. She came in the door yelling, "Baby Tessa". It was so cute!

K.J. and Aubs have missed each other a lot these past two weeks!

Coloring with Auntie Kay

These two were so funny Saturday night! I came into the room and they were just sitting there cracking themselves up!

This is how I found them the next time I came in...pretending to be asleep. Such imaginations they have!



My girls

Grandma Nancy feeding Tessa her first bottle.

Tessa posing with her new Valentine's Day gift and sporing her new festive bow!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Ours was a little low key this year. Kyri and Daddy went on a date to the library, and Tessa and I just bonded at home. Kyle picked up some tasty cupcakes to celebrate, though!