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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Out of the House!

After being trapped in the house for almost two weeks, the weather finally allowed us to get out a little bit. My pain from the surgery is pretty much gone now, and it felt so nice to leave the bedroom and venture out into the world. I felt human again!

Tessa getting to know her friends in the swing (with her "Cutest Baby Sister" shirt on)

All bundled up to go on a family walk in the new double stroller (It worked great!)

Getting ready to go to the mall for the first time. Check out her cute shoes!

Kiddie Klub Lane
Since Kyle and Auntie Kay had off school, we decided to take the girls to this cute little play land for toddlers/preschoolers. Grandma Karen met up with us, too, to join in the fun. The cousins loved playing together, and I think we'll be visiting here again while I'm home on maternity leave. The place has a bunch of cute little play houses where the kids can play pretend and use their imaginations.

Kyri the Firewoman

Aubry the Cashier

Kyri the Bear

Cousins Busy at Work

These two loved this Alligator

They played on him for a really long time!

Tessa was wide awake and really wanted in on the action. She can't wait until she gets a little bigger so she can play, too!

Coloring is always a big hit.

The tower that Grandma Karen helped Kyri make.

Aubry served us lunch.

The girls loved hanging out at the Bait and Tackle Shop.

Look Uncle B and Grandpa Mike, we have our life jackets on and are ready to fish!

Aubs is a serious Fisherwoman

Oooooh, she's got a big one!

Kyri the Walrus

Tessa has been awake and alert much more often these days. Here is a video of her making lots of funny faces.


  1. That place looks like this old place my mommy used to take us to, it was called 'Lets Dress up'
    They had different rooms decorated differently and you could dress up and have tea partys.

  2. Rylan loved the video of Tessa! He kept saying "Hi Baby." We are practicing saying Kyri and Tessa for when we come to visit.

  3. We had so much fun playing! Aubry and I were both very tired once we got home so we snuggled up for a nap. Days off are great! Keep enjoying your maternity leave!