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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Warning... I took a million pictures (as always...)

We went up to the lake house Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The forecast predicted beautiful weather. Unfortunately, that was not the case...

This was all the boating we did for the the driveway!

Charlie and Kyri helped Kyle get the boat all cleaned up and ready to go.

They were big helpers!

Look how cute they are peeking over the side.

Kyri's into saying, "Cheese!" when I ask her to smile for the camera.
This is her new cheese smile!

Cousin Love

Tessa and Uncle O riding the hog.

Charlie's turn

Since it was cold and rainy most of the weekend, we spent most of our time inside playing. Luckily, this gave me the chance to get lots of school work done! (I would have much rather been out on the boat or playing at the beach, but I'm trying to be positive about the situation.)

Tessa wanted to be like the big girls.

Great Grandma Leona came up with us.

Shortly after this picture, Tessa fell asleep in Great Grandma's arms.
She had the magic touch.

We came home Sunday after attempting to put the boat in the water, only to be caught in a horrible downpour! We gave up after that!

Of course, Monday, it turned out to be beautiful boating/beach weather, but we were already home! Luckily, we were invited to a fun bbq at my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Steve's. The girls had a blast playing outside in the warm summer weather.

Since it was really windy outside, we decided to have a "pic-a-mic" inside.

Pop and Kyri making shadow puppets.

Aubry and Kyri loved running around and twirling in the grass.

Tessa loved feeling the wind in her hair!

Kyri and Auntie Kay sunbathing

Later in the day, we caught these two playing in the back garden all by themselves. They were so precious. I took about a thousand pictures of them, but these were just a few of my favorites. Such buddies...

Snuggle time with Uncle Scott and Daddy right before it was time to go home.
What a fun day with family!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aunt Jan Comes to Visit!

"Look at me, I'm a big girl now!"

This past Wednesday my Aunt Jan came from California to meet Tessa and spend time with Kyri and Aubry at Grandma Nancy's. They all had a great time together and Kyri thought it was really cool that Aunt Jan is the big sister and Grandma Nancy is the little sister just like she and Tessa are! Aunt Jan took tons of pictures of their adventures together so here a just a few...

Tessa spends a lot of her time in the Jungle at Grandma Nancy's house.

One time, Grandma Nancy and Aunt Jan found Tessa like this in her jungle!
She rolled over for the first time!!
(That's the only time it's happened so far, but we'll keep watching for more rolling!)

The group went for a nice walk and ran into one of Grandma's neighbors. They were invited into his backyard and got to see his fish. This neighbor's backyard looked more like a park, and they spent all morning there!

They were worn out on the way home, so they snuggled up in the wagon.

But were full of energy when they got home and made time for bubbles!

Aubry and Kyri love dressing up like fairies these days...just like their idol, Tinkerbell!

This fairy got caught in Grandma's flowers.

This fairy got caught in Grandpa's shoes!

The next day, they traveled to the Morton Arboretum and had fun playing in the rock river.

Then everyone met back at Grandma Nancy's for dinner Friday night.
Kyri loved the soft grass. (A little different than our grass!)

Then on Saturday, we went downtown to Lincoln Park Zoo. We were debating whether we should chance it because rain was predicted for the whole day, but we went in the afternoon and it turned out to be a beautiful day! So glad we went!

Tessa smiled the entire trip!
She LOVES going on outings these days.

Kyri and Grandpa petting a bear!

This was Grandpa's first trip to LP Zoo!

That silly smiler again!
(Such a difference from the first month and a half of her life!)

What are these?

Even TB loved looking at all the animals.

Kyri had a whole conversation with this turtle.

But her favorites were the frogs in this tank!

A beaver!

Tessa preferred watching people over animals!

GREAT Aunt Jan and her GREAT nieces

We had a great time with you, Aunt Jan, and are so happy you were able to come visit! We'll miss you but we hope to see you again soon!