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Monday, November 29, 2010

Disney World!!

Our family got to spend Thanksgiving in Orlando, visiting Mickey and friends. We went with my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece, grandpa, and cousin Josh. The weather was beautiful (maybe even a little hot at first), and we had some great meals! The best part was watching Kyri's and Aubry's faces as they got to meet all of their "best friends" from the Disney Channel. We were afraid Kyri would be scared of the characters, but instead she walked up to them all and gave them huge hugs. Her favorite phrase of the trip was, "This is wonderful!"

The twin cousins waiting for the bus to go to the first park.
Aubry and 'Mike' on the bus
Kyri's first experience at Disney. We had to try on some ears!
The first character she got to meet...climbed right into his lap.
Pop and his best friend
Love you, Minnie!
She finally met Mickey!
Our first character dinner. She's telling Dale all about her day.
Day 2: Waiting for the bus again
My little character
One of the few pics I got of both girls facing the camera.
Buzz has cool buttons to play with.

Our second character dinner
Bryan, Kay, and Aubry
More hugs
We got to celebrate all of the birthdays for November and December, so Kyri got her own cupcake. She loved it that everyone sang to her.
Cinderella in front of her castle
She kept staring at the castle.
Cindy and her Prince Charming
Dancing with Pop at the ball

Night shot of the castle

Kyri admiring Tinkerbell at the light parade. She watched in amazement.

Our character breakfast on the last day. More characters to hug!

Grandma enjoyed seeing all of the friends she watches on t.v. everyday, too.
Grandpa Mike practicing his coloring skills with Kyri.
Kyri was soooo excited to meet Handy Manny.
She curled up in his lap and Manny waved me away. She would have stayed there all day if I let her!
Here is Kyri posing with Ferb. Out of all the cute stuffed characters and souvenirs she could have chosen...we came home with Ferb!
Packing up to go to the airport. Aubry was such a helper.

Can't believe how fast our trip went. It seemed like it took forever to get here, and then it just flew by. We'll have to go back again soon!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary - Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, we went out to the Schumann's house for Kailey's 17th birthday (Nov. 5), Josh's 19th birthday (Nov. 7), and Auntie Kay's birthday (Nov. 7). Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the night, but we had a great time. Kyri brought party hats for everyone to wear! Josh and Kailey got to spend their Saturday night watching Mickey Mouse with K.J. and Aubry . I'm sure they were thrilled!!

Happy Birthday Kailey, Josh, and Kay!

We went to Grandpa and Grandma B's house today to celebrate their anniversary (Nov. 7) and Grandpa Larry's birthday (Nov. 8). The cousins played while the adults watched the Bears game. Okay, I played instead of watching the game, too. We had a nice time, and some good food! Luckily I did bring my camera this time.

Happy Anniversary!

Have a great day tomorrow, Grandpa Larry!