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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We traveled out to Sugar Grove to meet up with Grandma Nancy, Papa Mike, Uncle B, Auntie Kay, Aubry, and Pop at the pumpkin patch this past weekend. All of my Purdue friends were in to celebrate Erin's birthday, so they decided to join us at the pumpkin patch, too. Martha brought her son Connor and Amy brought her son Rylan along. We had a big crowd there, and the kids provided great entertainment! **Warning there are a TON of pictures... I couldn't help myself.

Papa Mike pulling his girls out to the pumpkins

The princesses smiling at their adoring fans

Both Aubry and Kyri fell in love with this giant pumpkin


Rylan pointing out his favorite pumpkin


Which pumpkin should I choose?
This one looks good
Kyri guarding her perfect pumpkin
The next generation of Purdue students

The cousins

We never did get a shot with both girls smiling at the same time. Kyri was singing to her pumpkin.

Martha and Connor

Amy and Rylan

Kyri leading Erin (the bday girl) through the patch

Proud Kyri with her pumpkins

Playing the drums

All four in one spot!

Bryan, Kay, and Aubry

Amy and Rylan

The Burritts

Family Shot
Pop got in on the action, too
The Purdue Crew
More posing with pumpkins

Papa Mike showing the girls a black and orange caterpillar


  1. I'm so excited its October, is kyri dressing up for Halloween? =D

  2. Perfect day for the pumpkin patch! So good to see all the Knutsons again!

  3. Ok I guess I have to comment now since I officially made the blog!! :o) Had a great time at the pumpkin patch....can't wait to go again next year!!