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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Train Ride to the City

We took the train downtown tonight to see the Christmas windows at Macy's and to wander around the Christkrindle Market. It seems that everyone else in the world decided to do the same thing today. It was extremely crowded! But Kyri had fun with her Grandpa Mike and Grandma Nancy.

Grandma and Grandpa showing Kyri the windows

Another window

Kyri with Grandpa Mike

Laughing with all the kids around the windows

Kyri and Kyle checking out the giant tree at Macy's

Kyri and the Grandparents

Kyri's comment: "This is most beautiful tree I've ever seen!"

All smiles riding home on the train.

Kyri absolutely loved the train. She was especially fascinated on the way down to the city because it was still light out and she could see out the windows. She kept yelling, "All Aboard!"


  1. All Aboard!! I love taking the train to Kyri.

  2. She is soooo cute! Seriously. I had so much fun playing with her at the Christmas party. Looks like you guys are really taking advantage of the time off of work! Merry Christmas! :)