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Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Year Check Up and Sledding!

We took Kyri for her 2 year check up today and she was such a champ. From the time that she was about 9 mos. old to 18 mos. she cried immediately when the nurse called us back to get weighed, etc. and continued crying for the entire appointment. Today she was great! She stood on the scale all by herself and held still to get her height measured. The best part was that she DIDN'T EVEN CRY WHEN SHE HAD TO GET A SHOT!!!! I could not believe it! This is the girl who used to throw up whenever she got a shot. This time we made sure the nurse had a pretty bandaid waiting. The trick worked! She was very proud to get her pink, kitty bandaid. It was such a relief to be able to walk out of the office without a screaming, puking baby!

Kyri's 2 year stats...

Weight 22 lbs. - 3rd percentile
Height 31.75" - 7th percentile

She's still just a peanut, but the doctor didn't seem concerned that she's not growing a whole lot. He says as long as she's still proportionate, she is fine.

After her doctor's appointment, we took Kyri sledding. She loved it!! Since she hasn't grown a whole lot this past year, she was able to fit into her same snow suit from last year. So, these videos look very similar to last year's sledding videos! : )

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  1. Those videos are cute, looks like kyri really enjoyed her sledding and swinging!