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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My sweet girl came back to visit us for today

These past two weeks we have really been getting a taste of the terrible twos with Kyri Joan. She has been a completely different little girl than we have been used to. Temper tantrums, mean to others, bossy... you name it, she's been doing it. She has been doing anything possible to disagree or defy us. I know it's the age, but it's so frustrating to see her like that when she was usually such an agreeable kid in the past. And my pregnancy hormones don't mix well with that kind of behavior. Luckily, today we saw our sweet girl come back. She was smiley, happy, and loving all day today. There were a few moments where there was potential for her split personality to come out, but she snapped out of those times very quickly. I don't know if the phase is passing or we're just getting good about distracting her and changing the subject. Either way, it was refreshing to have our girl back...for today anyway. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

The best was when I put her down in her crib for a nap, she didn't flip out and throw a temper tantrum. Instead, I could hear her on the monitor saying, "Daddy and Mommy, I'm sad. I'm sad. I'm sad. I'll be nice. I'll be nice. I'll be nice." (Think she's been told to be NICE much lately?) Eventually, though she did curl up and go to sleep. It broke my heart to hear her say those things, but her sweet little voice was so much nicer to hear than her tantrums from last weekend. I wanted to go in and save her, but I knew she needed a nap. She woke up as happy as could be.

Reading a Christmas story. Kyri wore these antlers most of the day.
Kyri and Daddy playing with an early birthday present that Kyle's Uncle and Aunt gave her today.

It's nice to see her smile again.....

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  1. Its hard to think about Kyri like that. She seems so nice and sweet whenever I see her.