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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two Gifts in One!

After reading about our poor baby from two posts ago, Grandma Nancy did some research to find something to help Little Tessa B. She found this comfy lounger that is designed to help reflux babies sleep upright. Tessa has slept well in it for the past two nights and also likes to chill in it during the day while she's awake!

I even managed to get some REAL SMILES while she was in it!! (Kyle thinks this picture looks like she's crying, but she really was happy at this moment!)

And, while Kyri was napping, Kyle used the box that the lounger was sent in to make a pirate ship for her! (I'm not sure who was more excited about it...Kyri or Kyle.)

And, more exciting news.....
Almost all of Kyri's hair fits into pig tails now! : )

Thank you, Grandma Nancy, for helping Tessa to be able to sleep better (and us), and for providing some entertainment for Kyri (and Kyle)!


  1. The pictures are adorable of both girls and I love the pirate ship! It's awesome! Great job Kyle.
    I'm so happy Tessa is getting some needed rest and hopefully you are too T.
    Love you,
    The baby whisperer and Sand

  2. Cool chair! Glad it makes my little Tessa feel happier... and AWESOME boat!!! Very creative :)

  3. Ok, so I was sooo happy to see a Happy Tessa B!! I am so glad the chair is making her more comfortable....what wonderful smiles! With a good feeling I scroll down a little more and see Kyri, Phineas and Ferb....I have now gone from the warm happy feeling to laughing hysterically at those 3 faces in the pirate ship....thinking it couldn't get any better I scroll down a little more to see Pipi Longstocking and her pig tails. This post made my day!! I love my girls!!

  4. I absolutley love the picture of Kyri and her pigtales, they stick out! haha.
    You should do her hair like that more often.

  5. Sweet smiles!!! Awesome pig tails!!! Very impressive pirate ship!!!