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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cosley Zoo

Since the weather was so beautiful today, we headed to Cosley Zoo in Wheaton to see some "anmos" (animals). Kyri loved seeing everything, but of course, her favorites were the ducks. We hung out by this pond for a long time calling to the duuuucks.

This old caboose was fun, too. There are a lot of little hands on puzzles inside of it, and Kyri was really into them.

Kyle enjoyed the puzzles, too.

Corn on the Cob
For dinner we enjoyed some corn on the cob from the Grebner farm. It was delicious, and we found out that Kyri really likes it, too! She started out eating the shaved off pieces we gave her but then decided she needed to have it on the cob, too, since she's such a big girl. She was cracking us up! Thanks Sand and Steve!


  1. Crazy, we had a similar day. We saw animals at the County Fair, then had corn with dinner, and Aubry LOVED it, too!!

  2. Us too....we watched the geese and ducks on the pond and Papa Mike LOVES sweet corn too. He had it for lunch and dinner.

  3. I was just at Cosly Zoo the other day! I remember going there when I was a little kid, its been there forever.