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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Such a Girl

I think this picture is hysterical. Kyri has her bear and my purse, and she is ready to go. I love how she's walking on her tip toes like she is wearing high heels and walking the runway. There's no doubt that she's all girl!

I took this video on my way out to Geneva. Kyri talked the entire car ride. I grabbed my flip video camera and just aimed in the back seat hoping I was filming her. She has a mirror in front of her car seat, so she was talking to the cute little girl in the mirror. : ) When I first started filming, Kyri noticed the camera, so she said "cheese" and got kind of quiet. If you jump to the middle of the video, you'll really see her in action. Not really sure what the conversation was all about, but I can pick out a few words here and there. Although Kyri gets shy in public, she talks like this ALL the time around us. It cracks us up!

1 comment:

  1. Wowzer, what a talker! Even though you cant understand much its great!!