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Thursday, July 22, 2010

DuPage County Fair

Going to the fair this year was a lot different than last year. She actually watched the animals this year instead of just watching the people. It was so fun to show her all of the animals live since she knows all of their names and sounds from the books she reads. Her face was really cute each time we came to a new animal. You could see the wheels turning, and she would raise her eyebrows in disbelief! The size of the animals kind of overwhelmed her at first, and she started out with a death grip on us. But by the end she was getting brave and actually walking up to the pens herself. She talked about the fair the whole way home!

Pointing to the cow from a safe distance while mooing
Her face was smiling, but she was still clamped onto me for dear life!
Looking at the pigs with Grandma Laurel
Although her face looks terrified, she's really demonstrating how the goat was chewing : )
Getting a good look at the pigs
I loved how she crouched down to peek at the animals

Getting brave enough to go up to the goats by herself
Not quite so brave with the horses...had to hang onto Grandma Laurel for safety!

She decided she didn't need her stroller for much of the fair...such a big girl
Mmmmm, ice cream!
Is that country music I hear??
She was so cute when she heard the music and burst into a line dance. Throughout the whole night she kept swaying to the music. I think we have a country girl on our hands! The second video shows one of her dances. The first video is of her bravely feeding the goats.


  1. Aww shes so cute dancing!! =]
    I wish I could of made it to the dupage county fair this year. Its so much fun!

  2. What a cutie...She is such a big girl now...where did our baby go? She looked so happy...I loved the picture of her bending down to peek at the animals.

  3. Love the dance moves! It doesn't look much like ballet yet, so she must have learned these steps from her daddy!!

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  5. For someone who took so long to get her own blog, you are doing a terrific job.