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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our trip to South Carolina

Last week Kyri, Kyle, and I went on a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Bryan, Kay, Aubry, Owen, Donna, and Charlie. Kay found a condo across the street from the beach and in a resort that had an area with about 4 different pools. We rented a 9 passenger van and drove the 16 hours down and back. The girls did great and probably slept 14 of the 16 hours each way. We drove through the night each time so that made it easier on them. While we were there, we did a lot of fun things, but I think Kyri's favorite time of the day was when she could just play with her cousins in the condo. It was great to have them all together. Here is a little recap of the trip. Warning...there are a lot of pictures!! But this is only a small amount compared to the 700 or so that we took between us all.

Packing up the van
The crew before we left
We lined all three girls up across the back bench of the van
The way they looked most of the ride
On our way down we stopped for breakfast at the Handell's house (my mom's cousins). The girls loved running around their house and visiting. We loved the delicious breakfast, and of course the company. It was great to see them all again!

We finally arrived at Myrtle Beach!!!

Here is Kyri's first time dipping her toes into the ocean

Shell hunting
Found one!

Lovin' the wind in her hair!

Our first full day there - Beach time!

Owen doing his Baywatch run

Pool Day
Matching boats (Kyri did not enjoy her boat)
Family shot
Charlie showing off her tan (I'm jealous!)
Bryan and Aubry
Aubry working on her skills from swimming lessons
I love the pointed toes!!
Kyri and Auntie Donna
Someone didn't want to leave the pool
Please could we stay??
The dads and their cutie pies

Getting ready for a dinner cruise
Kyri and Aubs posing

Kyri didn't understand why this boat looked so different than her daddy's boat
Kyle and Kyri Joan
The girls had a blast dancing to the DJ on the boat
Charlie giving Kyri some love when we got back

Another pool day!
This pool was the perfect size for the girls.
Hanging onto Auntie Kay
Later that night we went to the boardwalk and got some ice cream. If you look closely, you can see Kyri's ice cream mustache. They loved it!
Another quick trip to the beach

Wrestle time back at the condo
Kyri and Uncle O

Uncle Kyle having a tea party
And getting tackled

Dolphin Cruise

We made Kyri wear this giant life jacket, and she was such a trooper about it. She never complained, even though it didn't look very comfy.
Aubry with her stylish vest
Sharing some snacks before we left the dock
Group shot
We all wore our cool glasses!
The boat we took and the beach we stopped at for lunch
Kyri loved chasing the birds
Bryan, Kay, and Aubry splashing in the water
Kyri and Mommy looking for fish
A man on the cruise gave Kyri a clam shell, and she was so proud of her treasure!

Our last day of the trip

We went to another boardwalk for lunch, and Kyri found a lizard. She was fascinated by it.
Bryan and Aubry took one last dip in the ocean
The waves were really strong that day, so Kyri preferred to play in the sand.

Our last family shot before we packed up and went home. : (

Some video clips of the trip...


  1. Yay!!! Finally I get to see some pictures of the 3 cutest little girls ever to visit Myrtle Beach! They are adorable...I loved them all

  2. I didnt get to go to the ocean for the first time until I was like 19, lucky girls!!!

  3. Great videos! SO much fun. Missing SC!!!