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Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Made it Through the First Week of Preschool!

I can't believe my Kyri Joan is old enough to go to preschool (well she's technically not quite old enough, but they let her into the 3 year old class anyway since this place didn't have a class for 2s). Unfortunately Kyle and I were not able to drop her off for the first day (or any of the days) but Grandma Nancy, Aubry, and Tessa took her and helped her feel comfortable in her new class. Kyri was really worried that Bear would be sad and scared without her, but Grandma promised to take good care of him. : ) My mom said she looked a little like a deer in headlights the first day, but went with the teacher and didn't have a problem saying goodbye. The second day, though, Kyri went in like a pro and knew just what to do. She loves routine!

Here she is modeling her new backpack. It's bigger than she is!
She has several backpacks at home that are more her size, but the handbook said it had to be big enough to fit a regular sized folder.

And here she is showing us how she can walk with her backpack on.
This was the morning of her first day.

I am lucky enough to be able to run over at my lunch hour to pick her up from school. When I got there the first day she was standing in line with the rest of the kids like she had been going to school for years. She looked soooo tiny though!

Here's a pic I snapped as I picked her up on her first day.

Kyri's teacher seems very structured, and Kyri loves her. Both times that I've picked her up she has talked all about "Miss Lisa" the whole way to the car and all the way to my mom's house. I love hearing about "The Opposite Song" they sang and the "Clippord the Dog" book they read. She told me about Nathan and the girl with the pink shirt on in her class. She showed me the letters in her name that she created with stamps. I also learned that after they played with play-doh they had to wash their hands! So cute!

I am really worried about her keeping up since she is the youngest in the class. So far so good though. I have heard the teacher tell some of the other parents about issues that have happened in class. But Miss Lisa keeps telling me Kyri is doing fine. Apparently Kyri was shooshing some of the kids who were talking during the story (bossy girl!).

Here is her first progress report!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the year goes as well...