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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Last Days of Summer

My students start school tomorrow, so I thought I should get caught up with a few events that went on at the end of the summer...

Chris came over and cooked us her award winning ribs.
They were delicious!
Kyri ate them right off the bone like an animal.

We went to the Cougar's game with Bryan, Kay, Aubry, and my mom.
Glad Bryan and Kay let us tag along on their anniversary!

Tessa B at her first baseball game
(wearing a Sox shirt instead of Cougars...)

An attempt at a group shot.
The kids weren't being very cooperative.

During our group shot attempt I told Aubry to look at the camera.
She scooted all the way up to me to "look" at the camera! Too funny!

K.J. and Aubs preferred to play on the hill rather than watch the game.
They did turn and clap anytime the rest of the crowd did, though.

Grandma and Kyri sharing some ice cream.

We waited around through extra innings and lots of mosquitos to watch the fireworks.
Here are some sleepy girls trying to be patient.

And here are their smiles once the fireworks finally began.
The crew watching.

We went up to the lake for another weekend.
I didn't take many pictures this time, but I had to post this one.
Kyle caught his first walleye in our lake. : )

We also traveled to the Morton Arboretum with some friends.
Here are the big kids: Sofia, Jacob, Lukas, and Kyri

Splashing in the tadpole pond

Sweet Tessa B enjoying the beautiful flowers

These two are bonding more and more these days.

Grandma Karen hosted her Island Party Luncheon again this year. Here are our tropical girls. The girls played for a little while and then we had a delicious lunch that Grandma Karen whipped up for us. Unfortunately we had to cut it short because Kyri wasn't feeling very well. (urinary track infection - yuck!)

And here are my summer buddies on our last day together.

I had the best summer!
A good mix of going on adventures and lounging at home.
I'll miss my girls sooo much!


  1. It looks like you squeezed something into every possible moment of summer! I haven't been to Morton since I was a kid. I am glad that you posted pics of the few times you went this summer. I will have to take my girls sometime. Thinking of you as you settled back into school routines.

  2. Great summer, Ter! Good work. Good luck with your kiddos at school.

  3. I'm sad everyones going back to school now, not as much free time to hang out.