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Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Night out as a Family of 3

We had planned to go out to dinner Tuesday night since it would be our last night together, just the three of us, before the baby was born. But, since the snow is supposed to be so bad, we decided to go out tonight (Monday). We headed to Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, however, Kyri didn't enjoy the meal as much as we did. She fell asleep in the car on the way there (at 5:30) and never woke up again the whole night! I will say that it was a pretty relaxing meal, though. She never moved from this position throughout all of dinner...

We did prop her up for a family photo right before we left, though. She still didn't open her eyes. The tables around us must have thought we were nuts. We couldn't stop laughing! I just hope our next little one is as good of a sleeper as Kyri!

For those of you who can remember back to December of 2008, there was also a huge snow storm on the Tuesday night before I delivered Kyri. I can't believe it's happening again!


  1. hahahaha those pictures are awesome! You know this one is NEVER going to sleep since you were so lucky with Kyri! Let me know when you're ready for company so I can meet the newest Burritt!

  2. Kyri is so funny. The picture of the 3 of you looks like you are a vantrilaquist, holding up a puppet. Even though Baby Burritt isn't going to meet us tomorrow, it will still be a good story... "I can remember 2 days before you were born, everything was closed from a snow storm!"

  3. I cant wait to meet baby burritt!
    Now you'll have a story to tell her when she's older.