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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Summer Fun

This summer has started off very wet.  It's one of the rainiest summers I can remember in a long time!  We've been doing a lot of art on our down time.  One day, I left the girls alone for a few minutes with watercolors.  When I came back, I got a glimpse of Tessa's future.  I won't be surprised if she gets a sleeve of tattoos like this one she designed on her arm!

The only way Kyle could get all of us girls excited about a baseball game is by taking us to "Princess Night" at the Cougar's game.  Unfortunately, it rained A LOT and delayed the game a few hours.  Because of that, the girls didn't get to participate in the princess parade or see a firework show at the end.  It was still a fun game, though.  Kyri caught a foam ball, so she was happy!  And the girls got Dippin' Dots, so that's always a big hit!

My mom and I took the girls to Brookfield Zoo on a beautiful breezy day.  Kyri's favorite part was the dinosaur exhibit.  Tessa wasn't so sure at first.  She put her leopard blankie over her face for a while to hide from the scary dinos.  Eventually, she was able to look at them.  : )

Our little paleontologist hard at work.

A few days later, we went to pretty farm with a giant fairy garden.  Sue and Kailey told us about this great place, and we all met there on a rainy Thursday morning.  At first it was cold and sloppy, but luckily, the rain cleared after our picnic lunch, and the girls (plus Grady) had a lot of fun in this little tent full of fairy activities.  

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