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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aubry Rae!!

We had so much fun at Aubry's 2nd birthday party this weekend!

The Birthday Girl

Princess Mia

(Her first birthday party!)

Aunt Sherry and Aunt Sandy teaching Kyri how to put on lipstick

Kyle and his girls

Present Time!

She got a new bat and knew exactly what to do with it!

Kay modeling the new clothes. : )

Aubry's new ride
(The same as her daddy's!)

Kyri took it for a spin, too.

Aubry and Uncle Gary were cracking up at Kyri's driving skills

Check out this awesome castle cake that Kay and Grandma Karen made!!

Make a wish!

Aunt Sherry helped Kyri steal a lick!


I think she likes it!

Swing rides from Pop

Sitting back and checking out all of the presents

The girls testing out the new toys!

What a fun day!
(Tessa was so warn out, she slept through the night!!)


  1. That cake looks awesome!
    I need to work on my baking skills.

  2. Yahoo for sleeping through the night!