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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Finally...It's Hot Enough to Swim!!

On Thursday and Friday the weather forecast showed temperatures in the 80s with 0% chance of rain.  Donna and I decided to take all of the girls up to the lake midweek so that we didn't miss out on this great swimming weather.  I'm so glad we did, because we had a GREAT time!  All of the girls were so good, and they loved playing together.

The last couple of times that Kyle and I had been to the lake, Tessa was not really into walking in the sand, and she always wanted to just sit on a chair or towel rather than getting up and playing.  She started out this way again, but after a little while of watching her cousins have fun, she decided to join in.  The rest of the time, she got in and out of the water on her own loving both the sand and the water! All of the girls loved it, and Donna and I got to just sit back and relax!!  We have been anxiously awaiting the time when all of our babies were independent enough to play on their own at the beach so that we could just lounge!  Finally!!  : )  The first day we spent 3 hours at the beach, and the second day we spend 5 hours!  We even had the whole beach to ourselves for a while!

I'm so glad the girls had each other to play with.

  Charlie and Kyri spent almost the whole time out in the water lost in some imaginary world of dolphins.

These three alternated between the water and sand.

Snack Break!

Look at that beauty with the shades on!  Gwyneth looks like a little child model!

Even when we came back from the beach each day, they still wanted to play with water.  This water table was an excellent way for them to wash off all the sand!

We celebrated Donna's birthday, and the kids were very happy to help her eat her cookie cake!

 Playing a little Connect Four

Snuggling together to listen to the V-Reader

And this picture cracks me up!  Kyri and Charlie wanted to sleep in the same bed.  When I went up there, I found them like this.  Whose legs are whose??  That's Kyri's foot over Charlie!  Poor Charlie.  Everytime I looked at these two throughout the night, Kyri was smothering her with a different limb.  Charlie didn't seem to mind, though, because they both slept through it all!

We had a successful lake trip!  We moms were very proud of ourselves for keeping all five girls happy and entertained the whole time with no problems.  I'm so glad we went!  Hopefully we'll be able to all get up there together again before winter!


  1. Next time we'll throw the boat into the mix, right?

  2. Yep...We'll pull all five on the tube at once!