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Saturday, March 23, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

My little Irish girls were all ready to go to the annual O'Knutson party.

Here are all the cousins together.

It was tough to get all the little lassies and our one little lad to look in the same direction!

Traditional Shamrock Glasses Pic

 Kyle and Gwyneth

I thought this was a cute shot of Gwyneth and Tess playing in the dollhouse together.

Most of the kids ganged up on Grandpa Dale.

Here's the Little Leprechaun table.

Kyri couldn't get enough corned beef!

Grady was wearing his flat top hat...too bad the pic came out so dark!

The rainbow jello was a big hit.

Actually, all the desserts were pretty exciting!

We had the annual viewing of "The Quiet Man".

Although, I'm not sure anyone could hear it...

But, everyone had fun!!

The next day, Kyri kept talking about how cool it was to have all of her cousins together at the same time!  Grandma Nancy outdid herself with the food and accessories this year, too!

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