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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Lake 2012

This summer we were lucky to have excellent lake weather, and our weekends weren't as jam-packed as they have been in past years.  So, we were able to go up to the lake a lot!!  Here are a bunch of pictures that I took throughout the summer.  Since we just hang out in our bathing suits or pajamas at the lake, all the pictures look the same.  And since I don't want to ruin my good camera in the water or sand, I took most of these on my cell phone.  They downloaded in random order, but here they are...

At the beginning of the summer, Kyle took a few days off of work, and we were able to go up during the middle of the week.  Here is how these two spent most of the days...

Here was another hot visit.  The girls were cooling off by dripping popsicles all over themselves...

 Mmmmmm.   Gwyneth


Tessa (her first popsicle!)


Here's Gwyneth, again, loving it!
(Poor Lillian napped all afternoon, so she missed out on this fun time.)

 Following Grandpa down to the beach

During this visit, we took a night ride after dinner.  Tess passed out before the end of the ride.

 We also did some tubing this summer.  Kyri and Charlie loved it!

Kyle and Kyri

Owen and Charlie

Kyle and Kyri again

 Since most days were in the 90s, it was too hot to sit on the boat for long.  
We usually ended up jumping in during our boat rides.

Beach fun...
There were a lot of waves this weekend, so these girls were pretending they were in the ocean.

Lake Summerset Summer Fest... First rootbeer floats.  They were a hit!

The golf cart was another source of entertainment for the girls (and Ozzie, too!)

When it wasn't moving, it served as a jungle gym, too!

Auntie Chrissy was able to make it up for a visit one weekend.

Tess snuggling with Grandma

Ha!  I'm not sure what they were doing in this pic, but it cracks me up.  
Nobody better mess with their beach toys!

 Kailey came for a visit one weekend.  The girls loved following her and her friends around!

More tubing

K.J. and I were having a blast!

Kyri lounging by herself as we switched riders.

Even Grandma B gave it a try!

Kyri still claimed that the bonfires were her favorite part of the lake...tubing was a close second.

I think the S'mores are the reason why she loves the fires so much.  
K.J. giving Tess a bite.

Partners in Crime

Trying to get their get-away ride started...

Another fire night

And more roasting marshmallows

Grandpa Larry taking Tess for a ride

Looks like she's going to be a thrill seeker!

Hopefully we'll be able to get up to the lake some more in the fall, but as for the hot summer fun, I think Labor Day was our last weekend.

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  1. We had a great day at the lake on Labor Day too! It is so relaxing to just sit there and not think about everything else that needs to be done!