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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tessa turns 1!!

Last weekend we celebrated Tessa's first birthday. Where did that year go??? People seemed to have a nice time at the party, but the one who had the most fun was the birthday girl! She laughed all night long and was the last one standing at the end of the night!

Here's our party animal!

With her cousins

More cousin love

Tess had so many fans

Deep conversation with Gwyneth...
love Gwyneth's serious look and how Tessa has her hand up to her heart like she can't believe what Gwyneth is saying.

Aubry was proud to show Tessa how to play with the picnic basket she got her.

She's one lucky girl.
Admiring her pretty new name bracelet.

I love this picture. Tessa was helping unwrap her gifts until she unwrapped her cell phone. Then she became too busy texting while the rest of the kids finished up her gifts. Ha! Good thing her cousins were there to help!

Check out this text, Ethan!

Then it was cake time. Kyle had a little help!

Our sweet girl was excited to get her hands on it!


She preferred to use a fork.

The cake was a hit!

And here was our little Miss February at about 9:00 at night...still going strong!

Getting to know Tessa B. this past year has been such a blessing. Anytime life gets hard, she does something silly to make us all crack up! I love how she is such a little person now. She is catching on to everything lately, and amazes us with all that she knows. Can't wait to watch her grow this next year!

One year stats.... Weight - 22 lbs. 12 oz.
Height - 30 inches


  1. Sadly I had to miss your birthday Tessa B. I had another birthday party to attend that same day. I will see you all at Gweynth and Lillians birthday party though! :)